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The Entrepreneur's Quiz

Provided by SME.com.ph

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Take this quick test to find out!

The following questions assess how much of a natural entrepreneur you are.

  1. How were your parents employed?
    1. Both self-employed for most of their lives.
    2. One parent self-employed for most of his or her life.
    3. One parent self-employed at some point in his or her life.
    4. One or both parents employed full time.
    5. None of the above.
  2. Your career has been...
    1. Primarily in small business (under 100 employees).
    2. Primarily in medium-sized business (100 to 500 employees).
    3. Primarily in big business (over 500 employees).
    4. None of the above.
  3. Have you started any business, whether big or small-scale, before you were 24?
    1. Many
    2. A few
    3. None
  4. Your current age
    1. 21-30
    2. 31-40
    3. 41-50
    4. 51 and above
  5. You are...
    1. The oldest child
    2. A middle child
    3. The youngest child
  6. Your civil status:
    1. Married, with a highly supportive husband/wife
    2. Married, with a spouse who does not mind what I do
    3. Married, with an unsupportive spouse
    4. Single
    5. Separated or widowed
  7. Why do you want to start your own business?
    1. To make money
    2. I don’t like working for someone else
    3. To be famous
    4. I need an outlet for my extra time/energy
  8. What is the most important thing for starting a business?
    1. Money
    2. Customers
    3. An idea or product
    4. Hard work
  9. If you were a good basketball player and were given the chance to play one-on-one with a real professional, you would:
    1. Turn it down because he could easily beat you
    2. Accept the challenge, but not bet any money on it
    3. Bet a week’s pay that you would win
    4. Bet a fortune and try to win on a technicality
  10. You accomplish things better because
    1. You are always on time
    2. You are super organized
    3. You keep good records
  11. Given a choice, you would rather
    1. Roll dice with a 1-in-3 chance of winning
    2. Work on a problem with a 1-in-3 chance of solving it in the given time.
  12. If you were to choose among the following professions, you would choose:
    1. Professional basketball
    2. Sales
    3. Personal counseling
    4. Teaching
  13. If you had to choose between working with a partner who is a close friend, and working with a stranger who is an expert in your field, you would choose:
    1. The close friend
    2. The expert.
  14. You tend to "fall in love" too quickly with
    1. New product ideas
    2. New employees
    3. New manufacturing ideas
    4. New financial plans
    5. All of the above.
  15. In a competitive game, you are most concerned with
    1. How well you play
    2. Winning or losing
    3. Both of the above
    4. None of the above

Now let’s see how you fared!

Below are the possible scores for your answers. Check out the rationale for each answer, and add up your score to see how much of an entrepreneur you are!

  1. Business-minded parents often leads to business-minded children! So if one or both of your parents were entrepreneurs, chances are that you too will have a natural urge to be one!

          SCORE: (a) 10, (b) 5, (c) 2, (d) 0, (e) 0


  1. Entrepreneurs need to be exposed to all aspects of a business. So naturally the smaller the business that you work for, then the greater the chances for you to see the entirety of just how the business works!

          SCORE: (a) 10, (b) 5, (c) 0, (d) 0


  1. Natural entrepreneurs show signs of their talents early on! So if you have ever sold things to your schoolmates in elementary school, then you may be a natural!

          SCORE: (a) 10, (b) 7, (c) 0


  1. Entrepreneurial success most often happens during the mid-20s and 30s!

          SCORE: (a) 8, (b) 10, (c) 5, (d) 2


  1. Studies show that most successful entrepreneurs happen to be the eldest in their families! This must have something to do with strong feelings of responsibility!

          SCORE: (a) 15, (b) 5, (c) 2


  1. Most successful entrepreneurs have very supportive wives who are behind them all the way! Single people also have a lot of flexibility that allows them to pursue what they want!

          SCORE: (a) 10, (b) 5, (c) 0, (d) 7, (e) 2


  1. Money is not the primary motivator for most successful entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs have a strong need to be in control of their careers!

          SCORE: (a) 0, (b) 15, (c) 0, (d) 0


  1. Of course ideas are important, and so is hard work! But successful entrepreneurs focus on their customers as the most important thing for starting a business!

          SCORE: (a) 0, (b) 10, (c) 3, (d) 0


  1. Good entrepreneurs would rather accept a challenge and learn from it rather than gamble with uncertain results!

          SCORE: (a) 0, (b) 10, (c) 3, (d) 0


  1. While it is good to be on time and to keep good records, excellent entrepreneurs feel a strong need to be highly organized. The better to manage everything about their business!

          SCORE: (a) 5, (b) 15, (c) 5


  1. Entrepreneurs would rather be in control of their chances! That is why they would rather work on a problem than have fate decide on the outcome!

          SCORE: (a) 0, (b) 15


  1. Sales is the closest activity to entrepreneurship because it involves the aspects of challenge, strategy and even financial rewards! Basketball comes next among the list (but you’ll have to be a pretty good player!)

          SCORE: (a) 5, (b) 15, (c) 0, (d) 0


  1. Entrepreneurs are pragmatic when it comes to staffing their organizations! They would rather deal with experts when it comes to matters of business!

          SCORE: (a) 0, (b) 10


  1. Entrepreneurs are excited about everything, particularly when it comes to their business! So it is only natural that all of the items mentioned would excite them!

          SCORE: (a) 5, (b) 5, (c) 5, (d) 5, (e) 15


  1. How well one plays is definitely important. An entrepreneur, however, also plays to win!

          SCORE: (a) 8, (b) 10, (c) 15, (d) 0



130 and above
Congratulations! You have very high entrepreneurial tendencies!

90 to 129
You have the entrepreneurial spirit! You may just need a little push here and there to get you going!

60 to 89
You have some entrepreneurial fire in you, but probably not enough to give you the proper drive (at least not yet!).

Below 60
You seem to prefer stability rather than take unnecessary risks. But while you may not have the entrepreneurial fire in you, you may nevertheless have what it takes to be a highly skilled businessman! Remember, entrepreneurs may start businesses, but someone’s got to run those business effectively!

So how did you score?

Do you have the entrepreneurial fire in you? If so, you may want to pursue your dream of developing your own business idea. And you may find this SME Toolkit to be really useful for providing you with tools, tips and techniques across the different business disciplines.

Good luck!

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