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Applying for a Business Name

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Choosing the right name for your new business is extremely important because it distinguishes your products and services from those of your competitors, and helps to establish your identity in the marketplace.

Any individual who is at least eighteen (18) years old, or any juridicial person who is doing business or proposing to do business in the Philippines under a business name are required to register under the business name law.

The Business Name Law or act No. 3883, as Amended by Act No. 41476 and R.A. No. 863, requires that all business whether sole proprietorship/individual or partnership/corporation should register their business names with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) before the business starts operating.

1. Choose a Business Name
Remember that your business name should describe the nature of your business. It should be comprised solely of any or all of the letters, numerals, and punctuation that are part of the English and Filipino language. The root word or words of the name shall also be considered. (e.g. "Island instead of "Islander). Submit at least three names in case your first preference is not available. If the name that is already registered, you may have to consider your next preference.

Business names that are not acceptable include those that are identical to business names already registered with the Department of Trade and Industry, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Cooperative Development Agency (CDA), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) or other government office authorized by law to register names.

Business name which are or whose nature of business is illegal, offensive scandalous, or contrary to propriety; names composed purely generic words; names which by law or regulation cannot be appropriated; names or styles used by the government in its governmental functions.

2. Search for a Business Name
You may use the online search facility at www.dti.gov.ph to find out if your proposed business name is still available and can still be registered. However, it is only a preliminary search, meaning the name cannot be guaranteed as available until the final processing is completed at the time of registration.

3. Register your Business Name
Register your business name by completing the business applicant profile registration form that can be downloaded from the DTI website. When registering online, you should submit the following information:

  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Email address
  • Zip code

If the business you are registering is a branch, a franchise or was acquired from business, additional information such as the exact business name of the franchise, main office and/or certificate number and date of registration of the acquired business are also required.

You should also be able to answer the questions below:
- What is/are your business activity(ies)?
- What is/are your product(s) and/or services?
- What is your Philippine Industrial Classification System (PSIC)code?

4. Submit Documentary Requirements
Registration is not complete until a signed copy of the Transaction Reference Number acknowledgement form is given.

5. Pay your Application
The completed application and correct fee can be paid at the DTI office indicated in your Transaction Reference Number (TRN) acknowledgement form. The Officer attending will assess your application and determine the suitability of the business name. If everything complies, you will be issued with a certificate.

6. Validity
The certificate of business name registration is valid up to five years from date of registration.

7. Renewal of Business Name
Business name should be renewed within six months after date of expiration. Only a current proprietor of the business name can sign the renewal statement. If the proprietors have changed, it will be necessary for a 'Change of Particulars of Registered Business Name' to be lodged prior to, or at the time of renewal. If your business name expires, and you wish to continue using the name, you will be required to re-register the name. On receipt of the renewal statement, relevant documents and the renewal fee, a new certificate will be given to you, valid for five years.

8. Cancellation of Business Name

When your business closes down, canceling your business name protects you by making sure that no one can operate a business under your business name without making a new application.

What are the requirements for business name registration?

For Single Proprietorship

  1. Must be a Filipino citizen, at least 18 years old
  2. Two 2x2 color ID pictures of applicant, which were taken within one (1) year immediately preceding the filing of such application. The pictures must be identical, clear and signed at the back by the applicant.
  3. Filipinos whose names are suggestive of alien nationality must submit proof of citizenship such as birth certificate, PRC ID, voter's ID, passport if the applicant has a foreign sounding name, acquired Filipino citizenship by naturalization, election or by other means provided by law, he must submit proof of his Filipino citizenship such as:
    a. Naturalization certificate and Oath of allegiance
    b. Affidavit of election or ID card issued by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation or
    c. Valid ID card issued by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) or professional Regulatory Commission (PRC)
  4. Processing fee of P300.00 + P15.00 Documentary Stamp

For Corporation, Partnership and Cooperative

  1. Accomplished application form
  2. Certified photocopy of SEC and CDA registration and Articles of Incorporation, Partnership or Cooperative (by the board of secretary)
  3. Board Resolution for the authorized signatory, ig signatory is not one of the incorporators
  4. Board Resolution for the registration of an adopted name/branch with specific address (if applicable)
  5. Processing fee of P500.00

Renewal Requirements:

For Single Proprietorship:

  • Original copy of Business Name Certificate
  • If original copy is lost, affidavit of loss by the owner
  • Two copies of latest 2x2 ID pictures bearing applicant's signature at the back
  • Payment of Php 300.00
  • Payment documentary stamp of Php 15.00

For a Corporate Name Registered as a Business Name:

  • Original copy of Business Name Certificate
  • If original copy is lost, affidavit of loss by the owner
  • Certified true/machine copy of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration Certificate and Articles of Incorporation by SEC or Corporate Secretary in each of the pages
  • If registering an adopted name, board resolution for the use and registration of an adopted name
  • Board Resolution to re appoint the authorized signatory, if signatory is not one of the incorporators
  • Payment of Php 500.00
  • Payment for documentary stamp of Php 15.00
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Jepoy Jepoy  |  May 30, 2016
Hi there! I am single proprietor having more branches, what I need is to name it into 1 company name. Example Food Stand and Food Station where I need to make it register into Ysulan Foods. It is possible. Thanks