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The importance of the Administrative Officer

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One of the biggest headaches faced by many small business owners is the problem of not finding time to do other things, mainly because they soon find themselves becoming too caught up in the daily affairs of managing the business.


This is not a good sign because it implies that the business is way too dependent on the owner or owners, and therefore that “professionalization” has not yet taken place.


Professionalization involves the transformation of the business into an organization wherein no single individual down the line is indispensable, and that individuals can be replaced by professionals. This is important because the indispensability of an individual means that the company will be crippled if that person leaves.


At the senior management side, professionalization involves the turning over of daily operations duties to an Administrative Officer. This frees up the business owners from having to worry about daily affairs. And this in turn is important because senior management should be more concerned with long-term issues for the business rather than daily affairs. And this is actually perhaps the most important function of the Administrative Officer—namely, freeing up top management to do planning duties.


For an Administrative Officer position to emerge, the business owners must first be able to document all the tasks that an Administrative Officer is to perform on a daily basis. So documentation should then becomes an important mission for the business owner.


Also, checks and balances must be put in place. After all, chances are that the Administrative Officer, who will be entrusted practically with running the business on a daily basis, will most likely start out as a complete stranger. So you are practically giving the keys to your company to a stranger!


Once an Administrative Officer is in place, however, this is bound to be a great relief for the business owner! Minus the stress of looking over daily operations, the business owner can now think about long term plans. Not to mention a possible personal vacation or two!




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