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31. Take web customers seriously

Provided by Steffan Klein and, Content Partner for the SME Toolkit

If you want your Internet venture to be successful, you must take your customers seriously.

When you design your Internet shop, never take Internet customers less seriously.

Many shop owners falsely believe - because they don't understand the Internet properly or because a shop on the Internet is not a "real shop" - that somehow customers on the Internet are also less real - and therefore require less attention.

This is why they believe they can get away with unprofessional web sites and inadequate product information.

Don't make the same mistake. While you may have a hard time picturing an Internet customer, they will picture you when they see your web site. And carry their money elsewhere, if they feel badly looked after. And that is very real money.

When people look at goods or services in your Internet shop, they want more than just a picture and a price tag. Give them the full sales pitch. These are real customers - even if they buy in an unreal environment.

This does not require a major effort on your behalf. Your shop will look professional when created with professional shop building software such as ShopFactory. And there is no law that says you must show all your products on the Net. Pick your best sellers for starters and give them a little more effort. More products can follow, as you become more successful.

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