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Business Tips

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Having a hard time winning shelf space?
Faced with this tough distribution situation, a new company selling infant outerwear made sure buyers could get in touch with the owner even if they could not find a store that carried her goods. She stitched her new company’s address and phone number right on every product label. Though the company had difficulty winning shelf space, potential customers who saw the products being used at the grocery line or on the street were often intrigued enough to ask about them. Once they had the number they could call the owner to place an order or learn where the company’s items were available for sale.

Expert Advice
Your line employees could be some of the best people you have. After all who knows the product better than the people on the line who make it? When giving tours to customers of his craft export facility, the owner stops by a workstation and asks one of the company’s 100 or so factory employees. “How about explaining to us what you’re working on?” It certainly impresses the customers knowing that the people they buy from “really know what they are doing”.

Garbage In, Gold Out
You may be throwing away money with you garbage, especially if it includes a large volume of recyclable products. That’s what many entrepreneurs are discovering these days. Plantersbank client Robert Liao built his plant so the chips and cuttings from the fabrication of their main product- polyvinyl chloride (PVC) doors-get sucked back, ground and recast into second-class pellets. The pellets are mixed with premium PVC and used to make quality doors. The owners of a chicken processing in Bulacan designed their dressing plant so that runoff from the line is treated and channeled into a catfish pond. The remaining sludge is collected and made available as organic fertilizer.

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