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Clean Up for Better Profits

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In embracing a cleaner production philosophy, the key is to always think about how wastes were created than how they can be treated. Here is a flow of basic waste management strategies, which can help you think about cleaner production options in your operations.

Treat and Dispose
Exhaust all other strategies first before finally considering this as an option. Usually, this strategy is the most costly. However, it is important that you include it in your overall cleaner production program. The cost of treatment and disposal can be decreased by adopting the previous strategies.

Reclaim your waste products through simple treatment processes that will make them reusable on-site. If this is not possible, sell recyclable items off-site. They may still be used to produce other products. Doing so can double your fortune, you earn and at the same time save on disposal costs.

Be resourceful. Find ways on how you can again utilize your ‘waste products’ in manufacturing. This can significantly reduce the need for raw materials and the cost of treatment and disposal. Otherwise, turn your trash into cash by selling them to a buyer who uses scrap material. This is more commonly known as by-product exchange.

Cut down on your material input use throughout the production process. Include also your water and energy consumption. Remember that the less materials you can consume, the less wastes produce. Moreover, this strategy can curb your raw materials cost.

Identify and get rid of the materials that you can do without. If a harmful product is indispensable to the manufacturing process, use a less harmful substitute instead. This can greatly bring down your operating costs and minimize potential impact to the environment.

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