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What Is Your Website For?

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Some companies do come up with their own company Website to just simply have an online presence, to be part of the Internet Revolution, so to speak. Various types of Websites are being uploaded everyday, every hour, every minute, every second. Just imagine the tons and tons of pages overwhelming a surfer.

Did you ever ask, what is your Website for? Is it just for information drive campaign, a brochure type of webpage? How do you expect your Web site would work for you? Have you really asked these questions before putting up such site?

What if you intend to have an e-commerce site? Are you ready for this move?

First Electronic commerce or e-commerce is all about buying, selling, marketing, and providing products and services over the Net. Information Technology may put it as an electronic business, a platform where to conduct business online, that’s how can be simply defined.

What makes an e-commerce site truly successful?

Know the following elements that would make an e-commerce site a hit. These are things you need to consider before pursuing an e-commerce site. Chuck Martin in his column The Strategist, New Media magazine, mentioned that, “The e-business revolution is not about Web sites. It’s not about how much content a site provides, or how often a company updates its site. It’s about creating a value chain between the company and the customer, and increasing the value in that chain.”

This leads us to giving you the ideas how an e-commerce would appeal to your customers and prospective customers:

  • Like what was first mentioned is your site providing value to customers? Does it give a competitive pricing or rate for your products and services? You also need to consider the issue of usability, its being fast, user-friendly [like Nokia phones] for the online customers’ experience. Another area to look into is reliability and security. This is where you’ll have to have parallel servers; fail-free technology, information encryption, and firewalls are part of it. All these spells out total satisfactory experience for the customers.
  • Although, this is just second on the list, this factor should be the first to consider in creating an e-commerce site. It is providing or developing an online community for your customers and to your prospective customers. Your site shouldn’t end just being a business site, but a site where online people would feel that you’re not just limited with making money, but is also concerned with the people that contributes to your business’ success.
  • Your business model should also be sound. Yes, almost close to cutting-edge technology and keeping abreast with the rapid changing times especially over the Web. Your business should be streamlined and gone through re-engineering and information technologies. However, you should also remember that you have to have focus on a “limited” number of core competencies, your identified company’s core competencies. With that you create a brand recall for yourself and for your business.

What’s the Future of E-Commerce?

Many find it difficult to predict. The downside, experts predict that smaller companies may find some difficulties to establish their presence, but still it takes any business to take the risk, even if winning against the big boys who have deep pockets and name recall would mean a gamble. Well, life is a gamble and that’s what business is too! It’s a big jungle over the Net. On the upside, nearly all experts believe that overall e-commerce will increase exponentially in coming years and given the right business model they will succeed.

B2B transactions will depict the largest revenue and online retailing will also play an all-time drastic growth. Financial services, travel, entertainment and groceries, are few that are found to command or dominate the e-commerce revolution.

For those thinking of opening a virtual store, inevitable technology and standards agreements will make it easier to create a site, to protect from payment fraud, and to share information with business partners. However, all these are just sidelights, the most critical part is to focus on the customer; making the customer assured that your company works for the customers!

Want an e-commerce site? Do let us help you come up one. Contact us by sending an email to info@sme.com.ph.

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