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How To Negotiate With Your Boss

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Have you ever tried negotiating with your boss regarding your performance appraisal, salary increase, promotion, or other career matters? Did you sense that the playing field was not exactly level? Did you wish you had a better preparation before you negotiated with your boss?

Negotiating skill is one of the most important competencies of the global Pinoy in the new economy. The career-oriented person will always need this unique and essential skill as he negotiates through his career life. Truly, one of the most difficult negotiating situations is when you face your boss.

Here is Negotiation 101 for the yuppies and umppies of the new workplace:

  1. Choose your own battleground. Engage only in was worth fighting for and those you can win. Choose the issues worth negotiating for. Give your boss little victories by obeying him and having his way. But on issues where your career is at stake, never waver-negotiate with your boss.
  2. Believe in your cause and stand for it. Make sure you believe in your cause before you face your boss. If you are halfhearted about it, forget it. Once you take issue at anything worth negotiating for, go for it all the way.
  3. Set reasonably high negotiation goals. Superficial goals lead to superficial results. The funny thing about goal is that when you put your heart into them, you usually achieve them. Make negotiation worth your while by setting high but reasonably achievable goals. After negotiating, don’t have the “I-should-have-asked-for-more” feeling.
  4. Start with agreements; never rush into confrontations. When you face your boss at the negotiating table, start with agreements. Do not rush into issues that will make the boss confrontational and adversarial. Have more common ground before discussing differences.
  5. Get your facts right; don’t rely on hearsay. Information is power-have it and use it. If you don’t have your facts right, you could be blown into.
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