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Express Your Love and Creativity at Work

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Regardless what post you're holding now - the issue of love and creativity is not just limited to a handful of blessed and gifted individuals. God is mentioned in scriptures that personify love and who is the Giver of Gifts that flow or the Source of all Creativity - is one reason not to hoard what we enjoy about life. Your workplace is one venue to express this.

Let the Love Begin.

This phrase may be too romantic, but don't stick with the romance angle. Valentine's Day is a holiday to celebrate love, not just romantic love-it involves all kinds of love and all kinds of relationships. The holiday reminds everybody to do something special for someone in their life, whether for a parent, a colleague or for a friend.

If you're a woman CEO and probably the company owner that most of your subordinates' fear of displeasing and puts you on high pedestal-then it's high time to loosen up. Let love be felt and make their hearts melt.

You are also human who understands your people's feelings and make that message come across them.

What if even you're officemates see you as spinster who doesn't know how to love? That's not fair to you and to them. Love begets love. Start sowing love and you'll see love comes back to you.

Here's a good suggestion, you probably can prepare a bag of goodies for your officemates e.g. gummy bears, jelly beans, mini-chocolates and other stuff that you need not spend too much as a giveaway. Distribute it around and if you're into handicrafts, you can incorporate those as your personal signature.

For guys, a common scenario-whether you're married or single or you're the boss or just a colleague-Valentine's Day is one special occasion or show that you're not a bystander in the office, but someone who studied carefully each of your co-workers. Let them know that you do care by sending a stem of rose or any flower with a short poem. If you're generous-and it fits your budget-you can either treat them for lunch or during break time.

It's Not Too Late

Simple suggestions, but they can go a long way. It somehow bridges the gap [if there are any] between you and your co-workers.

If spending is another issue that you think might hinder you from expressing love and creativity, then take advantage of the latest gizmos you have. The modern-day technology allows connecting lives-using your email, mobile phone, laptop, and PDAs. There can never be a shortage of ways to celebrate love and creativity.

Valentine's Day or not-it won't be too late to do that. What matters most is tat you don't just have the intention, but the heart and the guts to doing it. =)

Never lose the idea that in your workplace-you are one team, one family, which needs love among yourselves. Once in a while amid the pressures in your respective jobs-you need prodding, encouragement, and fun. =)

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