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23. The next best address

Provided by Steffan Klein and, Content Partner for the SME Toolkit

If you can't afford a domain name or want to use the free web space provided by the ISP, you can still get a good address.

IF you don't want to pay for a domain name, or the domain name of your choice is already taken or you have to cut costs, a name redirection service could be the next best option.

For example instead of
you could have the Internet address

Because the main domain name - in the example above - is owned by a company specializing in this service, they will give you more flexibility. After all they don't care if you leave your ISP or Hosting service for another service. ShopFactory can help your with names such as, and

Best of all, such a service may be free at the most basic level - and therefore be a good interim solution. You could use it until you decide you need a real domain name, then point it to your main site for as long as you want - or until all customers have moved across to your domain name.

Redirection services can also come with your own email addresses to match your redirection address - another advantage which again makes you less dependant on the ISP.

Redirect URLs do, however, have one small disadvantage. It will take a little longer for your Web site to appear on people's computer screens. It's like taking the alternate route to your shop instead of the direct one - like a domain name.

22. Your own Internet address      24. Let people know you exist

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