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Fun and Games, Ignite Flames

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When it comes to firing up your team - team-building and retreat sessions are always ideal. Whether it's a company, an organization or any group, there will come a time when they will need activities that would make them relax and define or redefine things or purpose(s) in life as individuals in a team. Reference materials like Peter S. Cohan's Value Leadership, Laurie Beth Jones' The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement in Life & at Work and Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy's Make Your Creative Dreams Real-can also be incorporated in any group activities you have in mind.

Yet, for outdoor activities, these are fun and life-changing-experience as well. A group in the country that specializes in team-building activities named LUBID is there to serve and rev up your group. However, activities like these can be costly too, unless if you really have an annual allocated budget for this. Just like the title of this article, Fun & Games Ignite Flames-the activities that your special event team should come up with would continue to ignite the fire of your team's passion and vision.

One Mind, One Heart Relay

Every organization has a vision and mission. It would be difficult to achieve such if the group members do not agree with each other. This does not mean that individuals lose their individualities, rather as individuals they set aside whatever different views, preferences they have to be united in order to reach their target finish line.

This activity can accommodate any number and can also be assigned into several teams. It all depends on how many teams you want to have. Let's say in an organization, you have five (5) teams-you can probably assign eight (8) to ten (10) persons per team and from among the teammates they will choose their respective leaders.

Materials for this game: two long wooden planks for each team, ropes are tied in such a way that the feet of all team members will be fitted there, and on each loop is a long rope enough for each team member to hold on a standing position. Mechanics are too easy. As a team, they need to cross the finish line without falling off the plank. The first one who reaches the finish line, wins.

The Risk Jump

This concept is for the team to learn how to trust his or her teammates. There is an approach that is too ambitious for this activity, where the person who takes a jump has all the necessary gadget of being tied up safely so when she or he jumps, he or she won't just fall off. His or her team member will catch the risk-jumper. But a simple way of doing this need not too much of props anymore.

You can either ask each team to look for an elevated platform of three (3) feet the least and blindfold each one and allow him or her to jump facing back as the rest of the team members will catch the risk-jumper.

Heed the Master's Voice

Each team will assign someone to be blindfolded again. This game involves sounds. The blindfolded team member will cross a certain maze, which he or she has to go through and reach the end point by simply listening to his or her team's instructions. It depends on how the groups can device a certain code in order to be easily understood by the blindfolded team member. Like any other maze, there are portions that the blindfolded team member should not go through. He or she can avoid this by attentively following the cues of his teammates.

Scarf, string of straws, sixteen chairs for each team are the materials that can be improvised and need not to be too costly to produce and deliver this game.

Three fun games designed for group activities, which can be done indoors as well. Check on these games and try if for your teams. This will not just be fun, but this will also guarantee group cooperation and gun up a revived team ready to attain your group's goal.

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