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Your Annual Report

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An annual report is a document that, in its other areas and by its appearance, "merchandises" your enterprise to those who have a need to be sold or remain sold. Every annual report should try to do the following things, says RadioShack's Master Marketer Lewis Kornfeld:

1) Be the first to tell it, whatever "it" is; if you fail to do this, you will be pre-empted by some other medium in which your chance of looking "the way you'd like to be seen" is less than outstanding.

2) Be the last to promise it, whatever "it" is; because an outright promise is a debt of a sort that's almost impossible to repay with alibis and further promises.

3) Be the most reliable place to show it, "it" being your company and its people and directions, using the time-honored logic of good advertising - namely that when your ad (meaning the annual report in this case) takes up the full page, you don't have to fight off adjacent advertisers; you merely have to do the best advertising job you can selling whatever you're trying to sell, usually... yourself!

Source: Business Line Vol. 1 No. 1 2003

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