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Relationship Selling: How to WOW Your Customers

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In today's highly competitive economy and business environment in which products and services are looking evermore alike, it is critical to business growth and ultimate success for customers to be "wowed" by your service.

Be proactive. Stay ahead of schedule. Anticipate your customer's questions, requests and problems. Anyone can meet a deadline. Not everyone can come in ahead of schedule and perhaps under-budget.

Be aware of referral opportunities and other sources of new business for your client. Become their "partner" rather than staying their "vendor".

Show your customers that you are thinking about them. Mail them an article that would be of interest. Email them links that you know they would find of value.

Pay attention to the little things. Invoices, email and written correspondence should be correct, clean and timely. Do not take their good nature and business relationship for granted.

Look for additional ways in which you can be of service. Make certain that your customers know about ALL of your products and services. Are you leaving business on the table?

Take the time to show customers your appreciation and thank them for their business. A "thank you" card, gift basket, donation to their favorite charity goes a long way in helping you to stand out from the competition. Don't get aggravated over the small stuff. Remember the big picture and the lifetime value of each customer and be prepared to deal with small nuisances.

Continue to provide the same or an even greater level of service when they are a "long-term" customer as when they were new. Do the unexpected. Give them something for nothing. Don't fulfill their expectations of your service, exceed them. Ask for feedback ("how are we doing".)

Ask the right questions and your customers will tell you everything you need to provide them with WOW experiences.

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Source: Business Line Vol. 2 No. 3 2004

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