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28. Keep looking after your shop

Provided by Steffan Klein and, Content Partner for the SME Toolkit

People need to see you are looking after your shop. If it never changes or you do not respond to requests,  they'll lose trust in you and take their business elsewhere.

YOUR Internet shop will need constant attention - just like your bricks and mortar business. It is not a magical, get-rich-quick scheme that works wonders on its own.

First, you must check your e-mails at least daily - to make sure you respond promptly to any customer inquiries and orders. If you do not respond to e-mails within a day or two (preferably faster), people will lose trust in your business. Your Internet shop should also automatically send an order confirmation to your customers, to make them feel comfortable about the order they have placed.

Consider changing your web site every now and then. This could be as simple as changing the text on your first page, your home page. Or you could change the complete look and feel, depending on the season. Just treat your Internet shop like your real, physical shop. Think of different displays or promotions you could use to attract customers.

Keep your Web site updated with new information, new additions and special prices.

This will keep the interest of customers up - and help with sales. Of course it is easier and more affordable to do this, if you have created your shop with shop building software, which can do these things at the click of a few buttons.

27. Don't just market on the Net      29. Stay in touch with customers

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