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Naming and packaging

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Your will make a number of product decisions especially when you are starting out. From a business opportunity, you would have designed your product. And when you start selling, you need to decide on a brand name to identify you product and set it apart from competition.

Naming your product

Remember to choose a name that is easy-to-pronounce and which will not generate negative connotations among your target market. If in doubt, conduct a name test, and obtain comments from your target customers.

Once you have chosen a name, you should register it with the Intellectual Property Office to prevent other individuals and organizations from copying your brand name. The opposite may be true, that is, your chosen name is already registered by another owner.


  • Choose a short name of at most three syllables in length. People rarely remember brands that are longer than three syllables, particularly for new products. And note how much of the world’s most important brands have three or less syllables!
  • Whenever possible, choose a brand that IMPLIES or CONNOTES some key benefit that you hope to offer (i.e. If you are selling detergent and you want to imply that it can whiten clothes, name it something like Whitex or the like).
  • Make your name easy to remember. Avoid names that are difficult to spell or pronounce. Difficult names only lead to confusion, making it hard for a potential customer to understand what your brand name is when it is heard over the radio, for instance. Make your brand easy to spread via word of mouth!

Packaging your product

You should also put a lot of thought into the design of your package and labels. The packaging contains and protects your product, but packaging is now being used to sell the product as well.

Your labels should comply with government regulations. For food, cosmetics and drugs, you should check with the Bureau of Food and Drugs for your labeling requirements. There are also products (e.g. detergents, incandescent bulbs, etc.) which are regulated by the Products Standards Agency of the Department of Trade and Industry.

If you make any claims in your labels that may be unique, or you wish to protect your package design, the shape of your bottle, etc. you should file for a patent at the Intellectual Property Office or file for copyright protection at the National Library.

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