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Internal Marketing Program

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Your marketing plan will have to be implemented within the organization, aside from your external partners like your intermediaries. You must have a program to address the needs of non-marketing people within the organization as well.

There are two reasons why an internal marketing program is essential. First, marketing should be an integrated, organization-wide activity. Therefore, the goals of your marketing plan should be consistent with the goals of each unit within the organization.

Second, in a well-established organization, like it or not, there may be people who can override your plans, even if you happen to be the owner of the business. This is because power tends to become distributed in professionally run organizations. So chances are that you will have to fight tooth and nail to push your marketing plan into approval by key members of your organization.

Here is where a bit of politicking can come in handy:

  1. Identify who the key influencers and decision-makers in your company are. These are the people who can approve or disapprove your marketing plan.
  2. Identify what these influential people’s goals and objectives are.
  3. Determine early on how your marketing plan can help solve some of the goals and objectives that these people may have, and include this in your plans.

In the end, all people who will have a stake in the successful implementation of the marketing program will have to be considered in order to ensure that (1) your marketing plan becomes an integrated organizational effort, and (2) your plan gets approved in the first place!

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