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Developing Cold Calling Skills

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A lot of sales people dread doing cold calls. Try these tips to overcome your fears.

Warm up to your prospect before doing a cold call, send your prospect with an inexpensive but unique promotional product.

When you make your call, your client most likely will say, "Oh yeah, you’re the one who sent me that..." It gets you remembered and makes you immediately stand out from the crowd.

Research on your prospect

Show prospects you’re interested in their businesses by doing a little research in advance. Mention an article that you just read that might be related to his business. Doing this will surely get your appointment rate up.

Be specific when asking for an appointment

Instead of saying, "Would there be a chance to meet with you sometime next week?," say, "Is Tuesday next week at 10:30am be a good time to meet?" Be more specific.

Respect your prospect’s time

Get straight to the point and say, "All I'm asking for is 10 minutes of your time ".
This shows that you value that person's time.

Source: BusinessLine, Vol. 1 No. 1, 2003

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