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Welcome Franchise Professionals

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Recent data shows that at the Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc. alone with 37 member companies, it recorded total employees of 10,634, with 1,633 operating branches, annual sales of 5.42 billion, a sales growth of 20% and a success rate of 97.25%. These figures alone shows the magnitude and extend franchising has on the economy. When one thinks that this is only 37 companies out of over 647 franchise companies operating in the country today, the resulting figures could be overwhelming. By raw estimates, employment generation of franchising should be over 150,000 and sales should be nearly 100 billion.

But if one were to look at these figures, a question to ask is where do franchise companies get employees academically prepared for a franchise set-up company? Presently, while most schools offer management courses, there is no school that offers a degree course on franchise management. Of course, one can always say, a regular diploma course can prepare one for employment in a franchise company. But if one were to consider sustained expansion through the franchise route, this paradigm needs shifting. Yes, franchise companies have survived but if one where to look at sustainability and years and years of growth then franchise professionals are crucial and necessary.

What is the main difference between managing a regular company and a franchise company? With the former, the owner or CEO is the boss and what he says stands or you suffer the consequence of being fired. In a franchise company while the franchisor has the trademark and the business system, he has to relate to owners like him – the franchisees. This is the biggest challenge of a franchise company, the compliance to the system of business owners and this is the singular most important aspect of the growth a franchise system. The dynamics within a franchise relationship has to be fully appreciated and the reasons for its being have to be understood by people in franchise companies. Success and growth of those who use franchising is not a monopoly of one but is shared by the majority of companies in franchising. How exactly does this happen considering a franchise system is made-up of business owners. How does one put together divergent personalities and varying interests into one common system? Are there truly rallying points to the franchise principle that states that franchising is more than a contractual relationship but a personal relationship. Can franchise history and experience prove that there are indeed franchisees that have been in a particular system for over 25 years? Are there franchise companies that have been passed on to three generations of the same owners? How can one company operate over 31,000 branches worldwide using the franchise system? How can countless companies expand worldwide and still be considered a singular system and brand? These are the intriguing issues and areas in franchising that would need an in depth study and concentration. These too are the reasons why preparation is a prelude to entry into any franchise company.

One school has carefully examined the business environment of the country in its desire to carve its mark in the professional world and contribute its share to the building of the Philippine economy. In its search, ST. SCHOLASTICA’S COLLEGE has taken on the challenge to offer A DEGREE COURSE ON FRANCHISE MANAGEMENT. The untiring efforts of Dr. Remedios Ching, Dean of Commerce and Dr. Delfin Mauricio, Chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Franchise Management were ultimately rewarded with the gracious acceptance and approval of the School’s President, Sr. Josefina Nepomoceno, OSB. St Scholastica’s College is a pillar in the educational landscape of the country. It has produced countless professionals and entrepreneurs through its Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Entrepreneurship since 1965, when only a few schools offered entrepreneurship. The school is nestled in the midst of the bustling metropolis but entering its gate brings you to an environment of peace and tranquility very much conducive to learning and excellence.

In the development of its franchise management curriculum and in the conduct of its classes on Franchise Management, St. Scholastica’s College has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with a strategic partner, GMB Franchise Developers. The company represented by its President, Mr. Armando O. Bartolome, the acclaimed franchise guru of the Philippines. GMB Franchise Developers, has a track record of 10 years experience in franchise development and is the pioneer home grown company specializing in franchise development. The company has 50 cumulative years in franchising. It has assisted over 100 clients and has conducted over 174 franchise seminars throughout the country, in Asia and the Middle East. Its Managing Director is finishing her credits as a Certified Franchise Executive from the International Franchise Association and her credits she got from attending conferences and courses solely in the United States.

The curriculum being developed for Franchise Management is exciting and challenging. Students can expect a challenging mix of theoretical training, case discussions and action research which shall be conducted in the actual world of franchising. All the intriguing issues and concerns enumerated over shall be part of the curriculum. Students will too have opportunities to learn from the great franchisors of our time and their experiences will assist them contribute substantially to the growth path of their future franchise companies. Updated franchise trends and present issues facing the franchise world shall form part and parcel of the curriculum derived from attendance in international conferences and seminars. All trends, issues and international franchise principles discussed shall likewise be evaluated and adopted to the peculiar business environment and culture of the Philippines.

At the advent of this Franchise Management Course, a number of franchisors have registered their interest for its graduates as well as possible on the job training for them and what is also stimulating is their commitment to be resource speakers in the classes. There is much to look forward to and after several years we all hope to see the first batch of Franchise Professionals driving the success of franchise systems in the country.

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