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Projecting the Right Image

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Image specialists suggest that office furnishings and decorations say much about your company. To convey the kind of image you want, pay attention to these particular areas:

Furniture arrangement. Setting your desk in the middle of the floor with chairs facing it suggests a formal atmosphere and an occupant who wants to maintain distance from visitors. A desk positioned against a wall conveys an image of confidence.

Messy desks. Too much clutter may cause a visitor to think that the office occupant does not care about making a good impression. But an immaculate desk conveys coldness and may be perceived as a sign that the person does not have enough work to do.

Decorations. Plants, curtains and artwork convey a comfortable, relaxed attitude. Books and artwork express sincerity.

Certificates and awards. If they are job related, reassure visitors that you are experienced and competent.

Source: Business Line Vol. 1 No. 2 2003
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