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Creating a Sales Promotion Program

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While advertising and public relations are good at generating product awareness or creating positive consumer attitudes towards your brand, sales promotion programs are good at generating sales. When you have a major sales problem that calls for you to produce sales results immediately, then running a sales promotion program is appropriate.

Here are some examples of sales promotions:

  • Discount coupons
  • Contests and raffles
  • Product bundling and promo items (i.e. “Buy this product, get that for free”)
  • Price discounts

If you decide to run a sales promotion program, you should identity your target audience groups (customers, channels/intermediaries, or your own sales force) and decide on which form your promotion would take (it can involve money, goods, or services).

You should also note that a sales promotion program would only work if it was given a sense of urgency. Thus, limit the promo period. Typical sales promotion programs last two to three months at most; any longer and people stop feeling the urgency to act immediately.

The following outline may help you in putting together your sales promotion program:

  1. Introduction and justification – Why propose a sales promotion program in the first place?
  2. Objectives – What do you hope to accomplish with the sales promotion program?
  3. Promotional offer – What is the nature of the promotion?
  4. Eligibility – Who is your target?
  5. Timing – When will the promotion be implemented and how long will it last?
  6. Date plan – What is your timetable for mobilization?
  7. Support and Administration – Who and what shall be involved in its implementation?
  8. Sales plan – What is your sales quota from the promotion? In what territory?
  9. Assessment – What are your criteria for success and how do you measure it?
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